Promoting the learning performance and the participation of migrant children in primary school education: A Teachers’ Handbook

Are you a teacher of primary school? Do you want to know more on how to favour the development of inclusive school environments? Are you looking for new approaches and activities to foster the inclusion of migrant children? The Promoting the learning performance and...

Binogi: a multilingual learning platform to support migrant students in overcoming language barriers at school

Binogi is a multilingual, digital learning platform for students in grades 5-10. With the help of everyday-oriented learning videos and quizzes, the contents taught in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and social studies are taught...

E-COURSE Infoday in Cyprus

On the 5th of February a targeted information event was held at the 1st Primary School of Kato Polemidia district in Limassol, Cyprus aiming to inform school inspectors, primary school teachers and school heads about the E-COURSE project. Specifically, Ms Ourania...

E-COURSE becomes a good practice

  The E-COURSE project was included as a good practice to the 4th Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) Handbook of Good Practices. The Handbook encompasses a selection of good practices developed by partners and members of the Mediterranean Migration Network, a...

E-COURSE: How to promote intercultural dialogue in primary education?

  How can teachers and school staff be supported in managing multicultural environments? Encouraging the inclusion process of migrant and/or refugee students from the earliest stages of their education is crucial to countering early school leaving. Schooling and...

Enhancing the participation of migrant and refugee children in primary school

  Nowadays, one of the main challenges of educational systems in Europe is the inclusion of students with a migrant background in school. Very often migrant students tend to have lower educational performance and are more likely to leave school early compared to...

E-COURSE Project Kick-off Meeting

  Schooling and support of educational achievement are one of the best, most effective migrant integration strategies. For this purpose the E-COURSE (Enhancing the Participation and Learning Performance Of Migrant and Refugee Children in Primary School Education)...


The E-COURSE project aims at enhancing the access, participation and learning performance of newly arrived migrants and refugee children in primary school education in Germany, Greece, Italy, France and Cyprus as well as at a European level in order to promote their overall integration in the host societies.



Enhancing the professional development of teachers in dealing with migrant and refugee learners and diversity in classrooms


Supporting schools to facilitate inclusion and success of newly arrived migrant and refugee students, thus contributing to the tackling of Early School Leaving (ESL)


Supporting and enhancing the performance of newly-arrived migrant and refugee students in primary schools


Strengthening collaboration among all members of the school community: school leaders, teachers and non-teaching staff, learners, parents/families


Learning modules

for teachers and school staff for effectively addressing equity, diversity and inclusion

A School Support Platform

to facilitate schools in supporting the active participation of migrant and refugee children and the collaboration among all members of the school community

A Methodology

for the elaboration and implementation of school diversity policies and action plans